2022-23 NCAA Certification Information

The NCAA requires all individuals that engage in coaching activities at an NCAA certified event must be approved BEFORE participating through USA Basketball and the Basketball Certification System (BBCS).

To fill out the online application, you will need the following:

  1. Internet access
  2. Current knowledge of NCAA basketball certification rules
  3. A valid credit card
  4. A current email address

The NCAA has opened a new link for coaches to get certified. You will be required to obtain a USA Basketball Gold License. The NCAA Enforcement Certification and Approval Group (ECAG) has adopted the USA Basketball Gold License program as a requirement to operate an NCAA-certified event or to participate in coaching activities/sit on a bench during an NCAA-certified event. The ECAG has adopted the USA Basketball system in order to simplify the certification process for you and so that you can enjoy the benefits that come with being a Gold-licensed coach. After receiving your USAB Gold License number, the NCAA requires ALL coaches (head coaches and assistants) and ALL players to create accounts on the Basketball Certification Site (BBCS).

Instructions for obtaining your USAB gold license
BBCS Certification instructions with video
Basketball Certification System

​Only individuals who are NCAA certified will be given coaches’ armbands. This includes head coaches, assistant coaches, and scorekeepers. We will ask to see a photo ID, so please be sure to bring one to check in.