2023 Tournament Rules

Game Lengths:

  • 14 Minute Halves
  • Clock Stops on all normal whistles

2 Team Tie Breaker

  1. Head to Head
  2. Point Differential
  3. Total Points Against
  4. Total Points Scored
  5. System Generated Coin Toss

3 way tiebreaker to determine top seed.

  1. Point Differential (Maximum of 15 per game)
  2. Total Points Against
  3. Total Points Scored
  4. System Generated Coin Toss

After the top team is determined 2nd and 3rd will be determined by following the 2 Team Tie Breaker Rules above.

Mercy Rule in the last 8 minutes of the 2nd half only, Clock becomes continuous if the one team is ahead by 20 or more points. If the score goes below 20 points, the clock stops again on all whistles.

The Home Team (White/Light color uniform) will be listed 1st/Top of the Schedule or Bracket

The Away Team (Black/Dark color uniform) will be listed 2nd/Bottom of the Schedule or Bracket

A Coach must sit after his 1st technical Foul

FIGHTING AND PLAYER/COACH/SPECTATOR MISCONDUCT ON COURT OR OFF COURT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AT ALL JAMBER BASKETBALL EVENTS. The court referee/officials have final say in all player fouls and or misconduct. Once a personal, intentional or technical foul is issued any further player misconduct could lead to an ejection and continued physical altercations after the whistle can be viewed as fighting. If the first action is deemed excessively violent any parties involved may be suspended. Fighting will be defined as any deliberate action taken by an individual to cause physical harm to another player, spectator, coach or official.

If a referee witnesses player(s) engaging in a fight, an immediate ejection can/will follow. An ejection carries a penalty of suspension for the players/parents/coaches involved for the remainder of the tournament. The suspended parties then cannot participate in any more games for the remainder of the weekend as a player, coach or spectator. With regards to the suspended individuals if a second instance of player misconduct follows anywhere inside an event facility, the tournament director has the authority to eject the whole team.